About Shalini

Born and raised in Michigan and spending most of her adult life in and around the midwest, Shalini began performing in community and school theater productions touring throughout the US, Canada, Russia, and Denmark at the age of 9. After graduating college Shalini went on to host a variety of radio shows as an AM/FM broadcaster and was able to create musical events and promotions along the way. Prior to becoming a Mom, Shalini earned a MA in Digital Arts and worked with the U.S. Small Business Administration. Making the commitment to spend time doing what she loves in her own small business, Shalini became a certified Music Together® instructor and created Play and Grow Music. While being Chaitan’s mom is the job she’s most proud of, sharing musical experiences and offering families tools to grow and bond is Shalini’s passion.

Shalini Karnani Bonjour


About Play and Grow Music

Shalini created Play and Grow Music in 2018 after she and her family relocated to Largo, Florida. As a certified Music Together® instructor, Shalini uses her training to engage children and the grown-ups who love them – making everyone feel comfortable and curious about the music-making process. There’s plenty of silly fun so everyone can enjoy each virtual class. Giving children a tool for life – their very own musical voice – and helping them access it, is Shalini’s goal for each of her students and families.



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